About me

Flavia's art author
2012, painting on the streets of Prague,
for a charity event.

Each of us is looking for a way to express ourselves. I discovered my passion for contemporary visual arts few years ago and since then I’ve created an inextricable connection with expressing myself through painting.

My artistic vision is driven by my inside voice and by usual or unusual personal experiences, transposed in either abstract compositions or impressionist works, with a calm, colorful message.

The fear of mistakes melts at the beginning of each project, under the magic of the canvas, brushes and colors. It’s simple. You can not go wrong when choosing colors with soul and daring to lay on canvas your own ideas and concepts.

Owning a portfolio of original paintings, created between 2009-2014, I like to experiment contemporary expression supports and techniques, such as dripping and backlit photo-painting.

My work covers various themes, from urban landscapes to visual expression of music and human feelings. Some of my works were exhibited in group or personal events (2011-2014) and are presented on this blog.

I want to paint the gray and to share with you some of my work and experiences; I hope you will enjoy it!

Flavia Ciorba

Charity art auction.
One of my paintings was sold in the benefit of a charity foundation that provides educational programmes for children coming from poor families.

Charity art auction Charity art auction

Personal exhibition

Flavia Ciorba - personal exhbition Flavia Ciorba - personal exhbition Flavia Ciorba - personal exhbition

“Who Art You?” contest final in Milan

Who Art You? contest final Who Art You? contest final

Group Exhibition 2012

Group art exhiibition
“In the shadow of the nut trees”
Oil on canvas, 50×60 cm. The painting was created in 2011.


Group Exhibition 2013

Group art exhiibition
“Barcarolle, Jaques Offenbach”, Musicals series
“Sonata quasi una Fantasia, Beethoven”, Musicals series
Acrylic and oil on canvas, created in 2012.