Currently. I am working on a project called Capitals. The project will include over 10 works inspired from capitals like London, Prague, Valletta, Tunis, Tel Aviv, Vienna or Vaduz. The project is based on photos taken in my travels. In simple words, I print the photos on backlit film (black and white or color), then I paint thephotos front and back. Below, I present the first capital: London.

Photo painting

“The girl and the dolphin”, in a greyish-pink rain or how a photo can become more significant through painting.

Film backlit, oil and acrylic .

The painting was done in 2012.











Photo paintingThe girl and the dolphin“, from another perspective. Oil painting on the front and acrylic on the verso, warmly lit from behind. Original composition.

The painting is part of the “Capitals” collection (London, the Tower Bridge).

Film backlit, oil and acrylic. The painting was done during 2012 and 2013.












Rome, Capital Series - photo painting “To the sky and back”. Rome, the eternal city, the next capital included in my Capitals series paintings (photo painting).

Film backlit, oil and acrylic. The painting was done in 2013.













Cold War painting “From Prague, with love”.  Film backlit, oil and acrylic. The artwork was painted in 2013.

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