From Prague, with love

The second capital that I decided to include in my project was Prague. I chose a photograph which, in my view, is iconic for the Cold War.

Cold War painting

From Prague with love















Here’s the original photo that I printed on backlit film (transparent).

Cold War painting













I painted the Beretta gun on the right side completely and partially the Beretta on the left side. I also painted in army  green the building details at the bottom of the picture. I marked in red parts of the structure that holds the guns.

Cold War painting













But mostly I enjoyed working on the back of the photo. With a thick brush, I dipped the printing ink and I colored it with green and red acrylic.

The effect given by the back side of the photo suggests the passage of the  historical time, the destruction caused by the guns and the psychological erosion caused by the tension of the Cold War. Guns are splashed with brick dust in the fight and between the main guns a bullet can be seen.

The tension, culminating with traces of crimson red, is released by the perfect blue sky.

Cold War painting













In this photo, there is sun light behind the painting.

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